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How to conceive a girl or a boy? Methods to Increase Male Female Chances.

Would you like a baby and you don't know how to conceive a girl? Did they tell you that it is not possible to influence the sex of the unborn child?

What if I told you that there are methods that can increase the chances of having a boy or a girl! Would be great!

In this article you will find some tricks that can increase the chances of getting pregnant with a girl or a boy. If your desire is to have a daughter or a son, read on, you are in the right place.

Boy o girl?

The desire to study the sex of the unborn child is as old as the world. The Egyptians to increase the chances of conceiving a male made love on full moon nights, the Greeks to conceive a male assumed side positions during intercourse. In the Italian popular tradition it is believed that to have sons the future father think of iron during conception. Well surely these legends are not 100% reliable but a grain of truth is in each of them.

How to conceive a girl or a boy? Let's rely on the scientific method

To influence the sex of the unborn child and increase the chances of conceiving a boy or a girl, based on personal desire, it is necessary to understand what determines a male or female child at the genetic level. Each person in their DNA has two sex chromosomes that will determine their sex.

  • XY male;

  • XX female.

During conception, each parent gives a chromosome to the unborn child, the man with the fertilizing sperm, the woman with the fertilized egg.

The fertilizable egg of the woman is always a carrier of two X chromosomes so it will inevitably give an X. The spermatozoa that will fertilize the egg can carry either an X chromosome or a Y chromosome.

If the egg is fertilized by a sperm with an X chromosome you will have a girl, if it is fertilized by a Y sperm you will have a boy.

Therefore, from fertilization it will be possible to have two pairs of chromosomes:

  • XX is female;

  • XY is male.

probabilità maschio o femmina dipende dagli spermatozoi X eY al momento del concepimento.

The methods for influencing the sex of the unborn child consist in favoring the action of one of the two spermatozoa, X or Y, according to the sex of the child that is desired. Starting from this assumption, here are the scientific and non-scientific methods to conceive a male or a female.

How to conceive a boy or a girl: 1 method

The first method to increase the male or female probabilities examines the specific characteristics of the X or Y spermatozoa that have emerged from the scientific studies carried out. The sperm carrying the Y chromosome are faster than the sperm carrying the X chromosome, but they have a shorter lifespan.

X spermatozoa are slower but have a longer life. Well and then for the calculation of the sex of the unborn child, in relation to the calculation of ovulation, if you want to conceive a boy it is necessary to have intercourse on the exact day of ovulation.

If you want a girl, you are more likely to conceive by having intercourse two to three days before ovulation.

In this case, ovulation sticks can help you.

Determining the sex of the unborn child with the Stolkowski method

Joseph stolkowski's method of determining the sex of the fetus is related to the nutrition of the woman planning pregnancy.

The method is based on a very simple principle: the acidic vaginal environment is favorable for X sperms while attenuating the viability of Y sperms.

In relazione al Ph vaginale si può favorire il concepimento di una femminuccia o di un maschietto mediante la dieta materna.

It follows that some foods favor the fertilization of a boy and others of a girl. The diet must be started at least 3 months before conception and be strictly followed under penalty of failure to calculate the unborn sex.

  • How to conceive male? Completely abolish acidic foods such as: milk and dairy products, meat, fish, pasta, rice, apricots, dates, chestnuts, dried figs, dark chocolate, tea and coffee. Forbidden eggs, green salads and sweets.

  • How to conceive female? Completely eliminate the salt and all foods that contain it. Instead, milk and derivatives, meat and fish are recommended. As for fruit and vegetables, only asparagus, onions, lettuce, melon, watermelon, strawberries and apples can be consumed.

In popular tradition, women, who had already understood the importance of the pH of the vagina as a method for determining the sex of the baby, to conceive a female before intercourse did a vaginal irrigation with water and bicarbonate.

Conceiving female or male according to the lunar calendar

Boy or Girl is decided by the moon! According to an ancient tradition, the moon and therefore the day of intercourse in relation to the phases of the moon would influence the sex of the child. In truth there is nothing scientifically proven but this theory has been used since ancient times and it seems with considerable success. True or not, it costs nothing to give it a try, maybe the moon is propitious. Let's see how to apply the moon method to conceive a girl or a boy.

Male or female and moon

The phase of the moon at the moment of conception seems to influence the sex of the unborn child, so to have more or less chance of determining the sex of the baby it is necessary to consult the lunar calendar before intercourse. Obviously the day of ovulation could happen at the opposite moment to determine the desired sex, so it is necessary to be patient and wait for ovulation and the right moon.

Waning or waxing moon?

Depending on the phase of the moon at the time of conception, it would seem that there are greater or lesser chances of having a baby of a certain sex. So, if you want to establish sex a priori, you need to look at the lunar calendar before having unprotected sex! And since you can't decide when to ovulate, it takes time and patience to apply it. Here is the male female lunar calendar

  • Full moon: female (most trusted)

  • New moon: male (most trusted)

  • Crescent Moon (hump to the west: going towards the full moon): female (not very reliable)

  • Waning Moon (hump to the east: moving towards the new moon): male (not very reliable).

Here you can see the moon phases of 2021

Female or male conception with the Jonas calendar

Eugenio Jonas is a famous Polish doctor who discovered that women are fertile only in certain phases of the moon. The theory is based on the principle that the sun and the moon influence the female biological rhythm. The phases of the moon, as well as the planets and the sun, determine the possibility of conceiving a boy or a girl. Despite the initial skepticism, the method seems to be quite reliable at least according to those who have tried it. Here's how the method works. The sex of the baby is related to the position of the moon in which it is at the moment of conception and to the stars. From this principle there are positive signs (masculine) and negative signs (feminine).

Specifically, a male will be conceived when the moon is in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquaio, a female will be conceived when the moon is in Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces.

Also according to the calculations of the Jonas calendar, a child conceived in the same phase of the moon corresponding to that in which the mother was conceived will be a boy, vice versa it will be a girl. It seems unlikely .... but you can always try, here is the astrological calendar.

Chinese pregnancy calendar

The Chinese birth calendar is a table that dates back to many years ago and was used in Chinese tradition to increase the sex of the unborn child. The table was found in a tomb in Beijing almost 800 years ago and it seems to have a reliability of 90%.

The Chinese male female calendar is very easy to consult, in practice it is a table in which on the one hand there is the age of the mother at the moment of conception and on the other hand there is the month of fertilization, by crossing the data will know a priori whether it will be a boy or a girl.

The Chinese male female table can be consulted before conception, by crossing the data you will know in advance if that month is suitable for having a girl or for having a boy.

Chinese pregnancy calendar

Like having a daughter, choose the right position

The male or female pregnancy calculation also goes through the positions to conceive. The father of the theory is Dr. Shelttles who in 1960 developed the method by observing the different behavior of the X and Y spermatozoa. X sperm are larger and move slower, while Y sperm are smaller and faster. The method of having a female is to make sure that the spermatozoa carrying the X chromosome survive longer, so in order to conceive a female, these positions must be preferred during mating.

Position of the missionary

According to this theory, this position must always be maintained during intercourse, and the woman must keep her legs bent without ever wrapping them around the partner's back. Deep penetration allows X sperm to survive longer.

Position of the woman above

According to this theory, it seems that the woman's lack of orgasm during intercourse favors the conception of a female. In particular, female pleasure produces contractions that help the spermatozoa go up from the cervix to the uterus. Therefore, since sperm X survive longer, a longer journey is able to favor the procreation of a girl.

Well dear friends and expecting mothers, after this roundup of theories that influence the sex of the baby, get to work to test their veracity. If you know of any other tips to increase your chances of conceiving a boy or girl or if you have tried them yourself successfully let me know in the comments below, I am very curious to know them.

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