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Post pregnancy belly: how to lose weight after pregnancy

Post pregnancy belly, Is it possible to get back in shape with a flat stomach after giving birth?

In this article I will tell you how uterine involution occurs and the tips to eliminate the belly, tone the abdominal muscles and have a flat stomach both after natural birth and after caesarean section.

Post pregnancy belly
Post pregnancy belly

Post pregnancy belly

One of the questions women who have given birth ask me most often is: "How long will it take for my tummy to return to the way it was before delivery?" Dear girls, there is no common rule, each woman has a uterus, a pregnancy, different tissues and muscles that will respond differently to the birth event. The abdomen needs time to become toned and flat again, the belly and uterus have changed considerably to accommodate and grow the baby and now the abdominal sinuosity must return to the way it was before birth.

Uterus after childbirth

Immediately after the birth of the baby and the release of the placenta, the uterus begins a process of involution to return to the pre-pregnancy condition.

After the placenta has detached from the uterine walls, the muscle fibers begin to contract in order to exert a haemostatic action on the blood vessels and not lose too much blood.

Uterine contractions after childbirth are called uterine bites, in which the muscles of the uterus contract vigorously. This pain is actually protective because it prevents excessive blood loss.

In the 48-72 hours after childbirth, the outer layer of the uterine walls is expelled by the loss of blood from the external genitalia called lochiations.

The uterine walls begin to heal and will be covered with a new layer of tissue except for the implantation site of the placenta which will gradually be completed over a period of six weeks.

The bleeding of the largest uterine vessels in the placental implant site is controlled by the compression exerted by the contracted uterine muscle fibers.

Belly after natural childbirth

As the levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone decrease, the belly begins to shrink and slim down. After 7 days of delivery, the uterine tissue shrinks by 50% and returns to its initial size in 6 weeks. Mechanisms will be set in motion that will allow excess fat to be burned especially if you are breastfeeding or doing gentle gymnastics. The factors that facilitate the process of uterine involution are:

  • uncomplicated labor and delivery;

  • complete expulsion of the placenta and membranes;

  • breastfeeding;

  • early walking after childbirth.

Belly after Caesarean section

The uterus after Caesarean delivery requires more time to recover. The healing process and post-surgery uterine involution are completed in about 3 months as the uterine suture must seal well.

During this time it is advisable not to practice physical activity that directly involves the belly which still needs to heal well following the caesarean section.

Tips for the tummy after pregnancy

Some women manage to get back in shape after childbirth and with a flat stomach very quickly than others, but it's not the same for everyone. Each woman has her own way of both responding to hormonal changes in pregnancy and a different type of metabolism, so there is no standard time to return to the physical shape she was in before gestation. Surely there are factors that can affect both negatively and positively on physical well-being and on the speed of returning to having a slim silhouette.

Factors that influence belly loss after childbirth

  • The pounds gained during pregnancy: if you gained a lot of weight during pregnancy it will take longer to get back into shape.

  • Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding women tend to lose excess weight much more easily and quickly after giving birth.

  • If you are at the first birth: each pregnancy has a jo-jo effect on the muscles of the abdominal wall which inevitably tend to weaken with the number of gestations.

  • If you practiced sports before giving birth: sporty women are able to get back into shape more quickly and with a better restoration of abdominal symmetry than women who have never practiced fitness.

  • From the shape of the body: the constitution of the body is of great importance. If you had a tendency to gain weight before pregnancy, it will certainly be more difficult to dispose of the accumulated kilos. Even women with a pear-shaped body have greater difficulty in making the belly lose weight because the point of accumulation of fat is precisely the womb.

  • From genetics: we are different from each other.

Tips for a flat stomach after childbirth

Reiterated the concept that each woman is unique and different there are behaviors that facilitate a faster recovery of physical fitness.

  • Massage your belly with moisturizer and anti-stretch marks by making circular and continuous movements that will help restore elasticity to your skin. I recommend massaging the adipose tissue of the belly with specific creams that have a toning and firming effect, such as the Collistar, Somatoline, Pancina or Rilastil cream which are preparations suitable for the post pregnancy belly.

  • Drink plenty of water to expel excess fluids. Drinking water helps purify the body by facilitating optimal physical fitness.

  • Go for long walks or gentle gymnastics even at home. In the act of walking, the muscles of the abdominal wall are involved, so you will help tone it. Walking also has a positive effect on mood which in the early post partum period could be more depressed due to the baby blues.

  • Take care of the diet: eat fresh and digestible foods avoiding fatty foods and rich in seasonings.At the end of the article you can download the specific diet for the puerperium.

  • If you have stretch marks on your stomach, apply a specific cream for blemishes such as Somatoline cream for stretch marks early. Promptly starting a specific anti-stretch mark treatment will help make them less red and noticeable.

Products that help the post pregnancy belly

Collistar slimming cream

Collistar slimming cream combines two substances, ganoderma lucidum and Italian spirulina algae, which means that your skin will be smoothed, compacted, plumped and reshaped. The cream has a consistency specially designed to allow for an easy and pleasant massage that stimulates microcirculation, promotes the drainage of liquids and increases the effectiveness of the active ingredients. A really great product


Rilastil firming cream

Rilastil accompanies the beauty of women throughout pregnancy and in the delicate phase of the puerperium. Specifically, this cream moisturizes and firms the skin, counteracting post-pregnancy skin relaxation. If applied consistently and over time, it rebalances the skin making it elastic and toned. Rilastil always has excellent results.

Rilastil firming cream

Somatoline abdominal stretch mark cream

Belly stretch marks after pregnancy are very common and unsightly. Somatoline in his laboratory has created this wonderful cream to prevent the appearance of stretch marks and reduce recent ones. The elastin contained within it makes the skin more resistant to the attack of elastase, the enzyme responsible for the appearance of stretch marks. The cream stimulates the synthesis of elastin which repairs skin damage and reduces red and recently formed stretch marks by improving the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Being a totally natural formulation, Somatoline cream can also be used during pregnancy.

Somatoline abdominal stretch mark cream

Collistar concentrated slimming and anti-cellulite night serum

The Collistr serum is totally revolutionary because it combines three active ingredients that exploit the biorhythm of the skin tissue. Thanks to the particular concentration of the product, only a few drops are enough to obtain quick and visible results. With regular and constant use it counteracts the orange peel skin, the imperfections of cellulite and the accumulations of adipose tissue that become less evident over time.

Collistar concentrated slimming and anti-cellulite night serum

Dear mom, I hope I have been of help, choose the best treatment for you to take care of your body, she did a great thing, she gave birth to a son.

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