Andrew means. Origin, name day, etymology, character

Andrew means Andrea meaning: manly strength Andrea origin: Greek Andrew onomastic: November 30 (St. Andrew martyr), January 6, February 26, May 13, August 22, October 3, November 10 Andrea character: dominant, studious, charismatic Andrea lucky number: five Andrea lucky day: Monday Andrea color: white Andrea lucky charm: silver frog Andrea animal: peacock Andrea plant: almond tree Etymology and origin of the name Andrew Andrea is a male name of Greek origin, which falls in some states such as Germany and the United States among the female names both as Andrea sai with the variant Andreina.

What does the name Andrea mean?

Andrea originates from the Greek name Ἀνδρέας (Andréas) which indicates strength and masculinity. The name Andrea etymologically also derives from the word ἀνδρεία (andréia) which indicates "strength", "value", "courage", "virility", "masculinity"

So ultimately the meaning of the name Andrea is a brave, virile and strong face man. Spread of the name Andrew The name Andrew is very common and is in 6th place in the ranking of the most used names for boys in 2018.

The propagation of the name probably dates back to the Christian cult of Saint Andrew, a fisher disciple of Jesus Christ, brother of Saint Peter and martyr in Patras on an X cross called the cross of Saint Andrew. People with the name Andrew Andrew name has been liked by hundreds of generations who have contributed to its spread in the old and in the new world.

The origin of the name Andrew is very old and over time many men have proudly brought it first of all San Andrew.

Other notable characters with the name Andrew are: Andrew Garfield, British actor Andrew Howe, Italian athlete Andrew Huxley, British physiologist Andrew Jackson, US politician Andrew Lincoln, British actor Andrew Lloyd Webber, British composer Andrew Luck, American football player Andrew Niccol, New Zealand screenwriter, director and film producer Andrew Wiggins, Canadian basketball player Variants of the name Andrea Scopriamo insieme le varianti del nome Andrea in Italia e nel mondo. Varianti italiane del nome Andrea Male: Andrew Andy Drew Feminine Andrea, Andi, Andie, Andrina, Andy, Drea Foreign variants of the name Andrea Male: Andrew in French: Andrè Andrew in Spanish: Andres Andrew in Greek: Andreas Andrew in German: Andreaw or Andres Andrew in Italian: Andrea Andrew in Catalonia: Andree or Andreu Andrew in Norwegian: Andrias Andrew in Hungarian: Andràs or Endre Andrew in Russian: Andrei Andrew in Czechoslovakian: Ondra, Ondrei Andrew in Sweden: Anders Feminine Andrea in French: Andreè Andrea in German: Andreas Name day San Andrew The name day of San Andrew is celebrated on November 30, the day of his death in 60 AD. of the disciple of Jesus Christ Saint Andrew. St. Andrew was the brother of Peter the Apostle and both were fishermen, tradition says that Jesus himself called them to be his disciples with the phrase "I will make you fishers of men" After the Crucifixion of Christ the disciple Andrew devoted himself to evangelization in Greece and Asia Minor. He was martyred and crucified in a cross formed by two beams arranged in an X shape. From this fact the X cross of San Andrew originates. St. Andrew is the patron saint of fishermen and invoked against injustices, sterility and sudden deaths. Other dates of S Andrew onomastic January 6 February 26 May 13 August 22 October 3 November 10 Name Andrew character and personality Children who bear the name Andrew, as the very meaning of the name suggests, tend to dominate others. The Andreas are gifted with a great business sense which makes them materialistic, nervous, eccentric and stubborn. Those born Andrew are very charismatic and studious, they manage to excel in all their vocations. Characteristics and fate based on the origin of the name Andrew Meaning of Andrew and destiny Andrea's golden number is seven Favorable day: Monday White color Lucky charm: silver frog What work will the Andrew bearer do? Children with the name Andrea will be able to excel in every sector in which they engage and study, always achieving excellent results.

Their innate attitudes will lead them to be very good in the field of business and finance, they can become excellent accountants, bankers and investors. Meaning names For the ancients the signification of names was of crucial importance because it conditioned the person's destiny.
There are various historical theories that question the meaning of names which take into consideration both the origin of the names and the etymology of the names.
Today, when you choose the name of a boy or a girl's name, all this importance is no longer given, rather you look at other aspects based on your personal taste.

Some prefer to give a rare name, a very rare name or a foreign name with English, French, American or even Latin or Greek origin.

We have enjoyed helping you in choosing the name for boy or girl by examining the meanings of the names name, the origin of the name, the etymology of the name, the character and destiny of the name, the curiosities based on the book of names.
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Andrew means. Origin, name day, etymology, character

Andrea meaning. Andrea has Greek origins and means manly strength. Sa Andrea onomastico is November 30th. Children who bear this name