Becoming a father, how to experience pregnancy for future dads

Are you pregnant and your he is about to become a father?
He too is experiencing a moment full of emotions and changes! Let's find out how future fathers experience pregnancy, their feelings and how to help them in the transition from man to father. Summary Becoming a father, feeling like a father, being a father The desire to become a father The feelings of the future dad Father in the delivery room How to help future dad All his father! Books for future dads Becoming a father, feeling like a father, being a father When we talk about pregnancy the first thing that comes to mind are the feelings and emotions of the future mother.
But we must not forget that the dads are there too

Pregnancy for future dads is certainly lived in a less physical way than mothers but it has a strong emotional and above all mental impact.

During the nine months of pregnancy, the father-to-be faces what is called the transition from non-parent to parent, or from parent of one child to parent of multiple children.

But what does it mean to be a father?

Being a father means first of all not being a mother, the newborn does not need two mothers, instead it needs two different ways of being cared for, creating two different types of relationships, mother and father.

The father can and must change the diaper, but he will do it in his own way, in the manner of a father, being guided by his emotions and in response to the child's manifestations.

Becoming a father, therefore, does not only mean carrying out tasks and functions, but it is something much more intimate and profound.

The new dad learns to be a father day by day and to do so he needs to hear the baby cry, to touch and care for him, but in his own way.

Another important thing is the social recognition of the new father figure by parents, friends, colleagues and above all the partner and future mother. Desire to become a father Today's men and future fathers are increasingly involved in the pregnancy event, accompanying the pregnant woman throughout the journey.

Becoming a father, regardless of whether at 50, 40, 30 or 20 requires a partner's involvement.

The future father needs to participate in prenatal visits, to help in the new organization of the home and to plan together with the expectant mother the decisions that affect the baby.

It is a mistake to exclude dad from pregnancy, by mistakenly calling it a woman's thing.

It is also good that the pregnant father is made a participant in the growth of the baby inside the belly

Most men manage this step well and generally all the anxiety they experience resolves before the baby is born.

The anxieties that some men experience are not aimed at the baby on the way but rather at fears about pregnancy and the health of their partner.

So let yourself be pampered by the future dad.

The foundations of united parents are born precisely in the period of gestation, we begin to walk together distributing weights, talking to find solutions and after some time this involvement will also become physical with baths, sleepless nights, and moments of tenderness.

The foundation and basis of human relationships will be put into practice: giving and receiving what is now defined as paternal motherhood. Feelings of the future dad Expectant fathers initially feel proud of their manhood, which pregnancy confirms, but they too experience feelings of ambivalence like pregnant women, only they tend to keep everything inside.

It should be noted that men's fears and uncertainties regarding pregnancy are influenced by many factors such as: the relationship with the partner; previous experience with pregnancy; the age; economic stability; if the pregnancy was planned. When a man learns the news that he is a future father, he begins a process of budgeting and planning for the future.

Expecting men are wondering if they will be able to be good parents, if they will be able to adequately provide for the growth of the child and for financial support. Father in the delivery room For generations, fathers have been excluded from childbirth and the birth of their child.
Childbirth is a unique experience and each future father should be able to live it freely, also because there is no such emotional power event in life.

The birth of the child also represents the birth of a father and if you can see this event you will experience the first moments of fatherhood in a much more conscious way.

It should always be emphasized that the father should not be forced to enter the labor room and should not feel obliged to attend the birth, it could be counterproductive for the couple. How to help dad in pregnancy In adapting to the new role, the expectant father must first face the reality of pregnancy and make an effort to gain recognition as a parent from his partner, family, friends, colleagues, society and of course his child.

The expectant mother will be able to help the partner to participate, and not just a collaborator.

The experience of experiencing pregnancy together can only develop if the woman conceives it in her mind as their pregnancy, their baby, and not as her pregnancy and her baby.

For example, invite the future dad to stroke the baby bump, it's a natural way to get in touch with the baby.

The father can also communicate with the fetus through his voice, in fact, it has been scientifically proven that the baby recognizes the father's voice after birth.

The expectant father must assume the role of father just as the woman develops the role of mother.
Generally the fathers who do this best are those who like children and are excited by the prospect of becoming fathers, eager to raise a child and confident in their ability to be a parent.

These future dads will want to be present at all important moments of pregnancy and will want to attend the birth.
The advice I can give to future parents is to try as much as possible to live together this wonderful journey that will lead to the birth of a child.

It starts with a man and a woman, these two entities merge to give birth to a new life.

Talking, discussing, bringing out doubts and fears is not a sign of weakness but a sign of trust in the care and love of a partner who will respect the times and methods of this passage from man to father. All his father A phrase that is often heard and which actually has a scientific basis.
The Californian psychologist Nicholas Cristenfeld carried out a singular experiment precisely to demonstrate that the phrase all his father corresponds to the truth.

He invited a number of people to indicate what the father-son and mother-son combinations were, choosing from a group of infants, a group of mothers and a group of fathers.

Surprisingly, almost all the participants were able to make the right father-son association while mistaking the mother-son association.

On this basis, it has been recognized that on average newborns are more like their father, a cunning of nature that allows new fathers to fall in love and identify with their child, increasing an innate desire for attachment and protection. Books for those about to become a father The First Season of Fatherhood Dad FC's ground-breaking book is a must-have for new dads and dads-to-be. 'Debut Dads - The First Season of Fatherhood' is packed with tricks, tactics and strategies for tackling the first 12 months of being a first time father. Fatherhood: The Truth Fatherhood - The Truth, on the other hand, is a shed-friendly man's guide to the whole scary, life-changing business. One that looks beyond the happy-clappy cliches into the fiery hell of night feeds and projectile vomiting. 'Shit happens' will suddenly start to make sense as a phrase. Providing crucial information and insight on every aspect of parenting with pitch-perfect humour, it takes the dad-to-be on a white-knuckle ride from conception to the first birthday that also considers the emotional truths and selfish imperatives that fathers are usually asked to bury out of sight Hero Dad Mindset Peter Black is a registered psychologist with over 17 years of experience working with men who are struggling with fatherhood. Using his own professional experience and knowledge of parenting skills, he has developed a landmark set of tips and approaches to help you achieve a lifestyle that involves fatherhood and as little stress as possible. By following these techniques, you’ll have the best chance of coping well with fatherhood, and achieving a stress-free home. Discover: all the books on fatherhood. Mammamather
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Becoming a father, how to experience pregnancy for future dads

Are you pregnant and your he is about to become a father? Let's find out how future dads experience pregnancy, feelings and the transition f