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Newborn pacifier: choose the best pacifier with mammamather's guide

You have to choose the newborn pacifier and you don't know which one is right for your baby?

Here is the guide that explains how to choose the pacifier so as not to damage the baby's palate based on the material, shape, age or months of the baby and the price.

Newborn pacifier: choose the best pacifier with mammamather's guide

Newborn pacifier

The newborn pacifier is an indispensable product for the tranquility of mother and child. The purchase of the baby pacifier is not a random choice but must take into consideration the use to be made because the newborn pacifiers are not all the same:

  • either by material, rubber or silicone;

  • both in shape: cherry, similar to the shape of the nipple, teardrop or anatomical.

The pacifier should be chosen according to the age of the child and the type of feeding, breastfeeding or formula milk. Pacifiers also differ in price, there are pacifiers that guarantee excellent prices and quality. Here is a guide to choosing the best pacifier for children and babies.

When to give a pacifier to the newborn?

The pacifier for babies is not a vice but it serves to satisfy the innate need to suck that babies have. For children, sucking is an instinctive behavior, it instills a feeling of tranquility, protection and safety; when you offer a pacifier to the baby, it immediately reassures you as you are satisfying a need. Reflecting, newborns are able to attach themselves to the breast in a natural and spontaneous way precisely because they have the physiological need to suck so it is wrong to demonize the pacifier as something wrong, rather it is necessary to make a correct one. Scientific studies to prevent SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, have shown that using a pacifier when the baby sleeps is a protective factor for cot death. Therefore clarified that the pacifier is a valid ally of mother and child, let's see how to choose it.

Pacifier for babies: which one to choose?

Over the years, the soother has evolved more and more and today there are more and more specialized orthodontic pacifiers, able to calm the baby and help the baby to develop suckling capacity. The pacifier can help lazy babies become familiar with suckling and improve the ability to feed Premature babies are an example, in relation to the gestational age of birth they have not developed the sucking reflex well and a pacifier can be of great help and comfort. Pacifiers or pacifiers consist of two parts:

  1. the teat which is the part sucked by the baby;

  2. the shield which is the external part in contact with the child's lips.

How to choose the right pacifier?

The purchase of the right pacifier is conditioned by some factors such as:

  • pacifier material

  • pacifier shape

  • size of the pacifier

Baby pacifier material

The pacifier material is essential because it will go into the baby's mouth and then because, based on the use that must be made of it, one material is more suitable than another.

Pacifiers can be:

  • silicone

  • in rubber.

Silicone pacifier

Silicone is a durable and soft material that simulates a mother's nipple in the baby's mouth. The silicone pacifier is particularly recommended in case of breastfeeding in order not to create interference. Another quality, silicone is very resistant to high temperatures and therefore suitable for boiling sterilization. The use of the silicone pacifier is recommended up to 6 months of life.

Rubber pacifier

Rubber is a natural material that if ingested does not involve any risk, for this reason the rubber pacifiers are suitable for babies over 6 months of life. When the first teeth appear, the baby could nibble on the teat and ingest parts of it, even if ingested the rubber is not harmful and non-toxic, therefore absolutely safe.

Baby pacifier shape

Pacifiers based on their shape can be divided into:

  • cherry pacifier

  • drip pacifier

  • anatomical pacifier

Cherry pacifier

The cherry pacifier is a round pacifier similar to the maternal nipple therefore indicated in case of breastfeeding to avoid creating confusion in the baby between nipple and teat. During the first month it is necessary to choose the small size of the teat and change it frequently in order to prevent it from getting too big, compromising the development of the palate and dental arches. It is always preferable in the first months to choose a cherry pacifier with a round mask of the same material as the pacifier to avoid discomfort on the delicate face of the baby especially while sleeping.

Drip pacifier

The teardrop pacifier has an elongated shape which is particularly suitable and indicator for older children especially during sleep. Teardrop pacifiers have a symmetrical shape that ensures good adherence to the palate. The drip soother is versatile and available in various colors.

Anatomical or orthodontic pacifier

The anatomical pacifier adapts to the shape of the baby's palate and guarantees its correct development without damaging it following the anatomy of his mouth. The anatomical pacifiers have a flattened and elliptical shape with the tip facing the palate. The anatomical pacifier is a valid and safe pacifier for any age or month of the baby.

Children's pacifier size

Pacifiers have different sizes that adapt to the age of the children and the growth of their mouth.

The measures on the market are:

  • for babies from 0 to 3 -6 months it takes the first months pacifier

  • for children aged 4 or 6 months and up

  • for babies aged 6 to 12 months and up

During the purchase of the pacifier it is always necessary to check the indication of the months written on the packaging of the pacifier.

It is always a rule to change the pacifier frequently to prevent it from getting too big and deforming things that could interfere with the correct development of the baby's palate and dental arch.

The best pacifiers 2021

Avent pacifier

The Soothie Avent pacifier has an innovative shape that promotes natural sucking. Avent pacifiers promote the natural development of teeth and gums, which means you don't have to worry about damaging your baby's palate. The pacifier has a soft and round shield like the mother's breast, flexible for maximum comfort of the delicate skin around the mouth. Perfect and safe for newborn baby's sleep and designed in biocompatible soft silicone, BPA / Phthalate & Latex free The Soothie Avent pacifier is suitable for babies of 0-3 months

Avent pacifier

Rubber pacifier 0-3 months orthodontic

The Havea Orthodontic pacifier is made of rubber which means that it adapts to the shape of the baby's palate in a natural way and without damaging it. The rubber pacifier is non-toxic and biodegradable, without BPA, PVC or artificial dyes. A truly safe, hygienic and easy to sterilize pacifier suitable for babies 0-3 months.

rubber pacifier

Tommee Tippee silicone pacifier

Tommee Tippee is synonymous with continuous innovation, and this pacifier is proof of this. The Tommee Tippee pacifier moves and flexes like the maternal nipple to avoid interfering with breastfeeding and to support the newborn in the transition from breast to bottle. As gentle on the baby's face as the mother's skin, it guarantees no irritation. The Tommee Tippee pacifier is made of natural, ultra-soft, Bpa-free silicone. When the mother's breast is not available this pacifier is the closest thing to the nipple, an excellent and recommended product.

silicone pacifier

Ciuccio Chicco - Physio Soft 0-12 mesi

The Chicco Physio Soft pacifier is soft to the touch on your baby's delicate skin. Chicco pacifiers are designed and designed not to disturb the baby during bedtime and to ensure the correct development of the palate. The Chicco pacifier favors the natural positioning of the tongue and evenly distributes the pressure on the mouth which means a guarantee of correct oral development. It is designed not to interfere with breastfeeding, Chicco is attentive to small details in fact the base of the soother shield is soft and rounded like the mother's breast, this allows a comfortable support of the lips and reduces the stagnation of saliva. cause of irritation.

ciuccio chicco

Nuk Pacifier - Sensitive 0 - 6 months

The opinions of Nuk pacifiers are always excellent enough to make it one of the most appreciated pacifiers by mothers. 95% of babies accept it and 99% of mothers would recommend this Nuk soother. The Nuk Sensitive pacifier is soft and 100% silicone, designed to gently adapt to the baby's face, without irritating his sensitive skin. The bottle is molded to the shape of the breastfeeding mother's nipple for a natural and relaxing sensation. The heart-shaped protection fits under the baby's nose so as not to disturb breathing.

Nuk pacifier

Pacifier MAM

The Mam night pacifier is the guarantee of peaceful and safe nights for you and your baby which means a good restful sleep. Thanks to the symmetrical mask the pacifier is never the other way around protecting the baby's mouth and nose, the large ventilation holes and the dots on the inner edge prevent skin irritation.

Mam has thought of everything:

  • Made of natural rubber latex

  • Orthodontic bottle to avoid dental malocclusion

  • Easy to grab front button

  • Last gem, the pacifier lights up in the dark, so if the baby loses it during the night, it will be easy to find it without having to turn on the light.

The pacifier complies with EN 1400 and obviously BPA-free. The best pacifier for the night

mam pacifier

MAM Air pacifier

The Mam Air pacifier has a symmetrical natural latex teat to be gentle on the skin without occluding the baby's nose.

Its shape is designed to ensure delicacy on the skin and never hinder the baby's movements.

The button on the front makes it easier for the baby to hold, which means to favor the grasping movement in newborns. Available in many colors that visually stimulate the baby

pacifier mam air

Comapct, Chicco silicone pacifier

The Chicco Compact pacifier is made of silicone and favors the natural positioning of the newborn's tongue. Chicco pacifiers are designed to evenly distribute the pressure on the palate to ensure correct oral development, furthermore the super thin base allows an optimal closure of the mouth, it is no coincidence that this teat is approved by pediatric dentists. The safety ring allows you to easily grab it and the ventilation holes allow the passage of air avoiding stagnation of saliva which can favor bacterial proliferation.

chicco pacifier

Nuk rubber pacifiers

Nuk pacifiers are a favorite of children and the rubber model is approved by "The British Dental Health" The rubber Nuk pacifier adapts perfectly to the baby's mouth, guaranteeing a relaxing and natural experience. Available in various colors and sizes: 0-6 months, 6 12 months-12 -18 months

Nuk rubber pacifiers

Cherry pacifier- Nip cherry

The Nip cherry pacifier has a round soft latex teat. Its natural shape is designed on the mother's breast which means that the newborn will not be confused between the nipple and pacifier without interfering with breastfeeding. The rounded edges protect the baby's skin from pressure and the large holes on the sides of the pacifier ensure optimal ventilation of the baby's delicate skin.

Cherry pacifier

We have reached the end of this journey among pacifiers, pacifiers and teats. I hope I have clarified all doubts, now you just have to choose the pacifier suitable for your precious baby, below by clicking the button you will discover all the pacifiers chosen by us.

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