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How are pregnancy weeks counted?

How to make a week of pregnancy calculation. Pregnancy does not really last nine months, but rather about 40 weeks starting from the last menstrual cycle (gestational age), because you cannot be sure of the precise date of conception (conception age). So it can be said that pregnancy actually lasts 38 weeks (the nine months of gestation) plus the two weeks that are calculated from the last menstruation.

Each woman is unique and unrepeatable.

Mammamather is always an ally of the health of women, mothers and children by guaranteeing scientific information approved by the Ministry of Health on conception, weeks of pregnancy , childbirth, baby care, childcare and sexuality.

Canva - Ultrasound Medicine Examination.
turi papà
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Canva - Mother Breastfeeding her Newborn

Do you have breast pain while breastfeeding?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions but not only, in fact there are other questions that a new mother asks herself: how are the contractions of labor, how to wean the baby, how to relieve diaper rash and much more will find answers with simple words and accessible to all.

Mammamather is your Online Midwife, where she will help you answer all your questions! How to give birth in water in Catania? or how does the weaning of newborns take place in Catania?

The idea of a pocket obstetrician comes from the mutual aid that Sicilian women are able to give each other, giving birth in water in Catania is a moment of absolute sharing of pain between the future mother and the midwife, weaning newborns in Catania is attentive to a healthy and quality diet like the Mediterranean diet.

On these premises there are advice for the mother on disorders in pregnancy, examinations in pregnancy, preparation for childbirth, the law on maternity, water birth, spontaneous birth and caesarean section, breast and artificial breastfeeding, advice for safe purchases.

Advice from the best pediatricians on how to take care of newborns, how to grow babies, prevent cot death, on products to buy suitable for babies are always at your disposal with a click.

Advice on sexuality, emergencies such as clearing the airways in children, postpartum depression, contraception, female health and infertility are always up to date.

Do you want advice from an expert?

Mammamather will follow you step by step on his blog!

In this blog you will find light, tasty and healthy recipes in the healthy diet section, which describes the properties, nutrients and benefits of individual foods; in the section for mothers in shape the tutorials for doing fitness at home with exercises suitable for weeks in pregnancy and the puerperium to get back in shape after childbirth, relieve aches and pains, dissolve tensions that have been studied by the posturologist and the fitness coach blog.

In the female psychology section, the psychologist will deal with topics of great interest on how to deal with an abortion, depression and the little big difficulties in the life of every woman and family.

Dear friend you are not alone!

Mammamather is always with you: Obstetrics and Gynecology Online and pocket-sized!

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Canva - Baby delivery
sonno del neonato
Canva - Pregnant woman eating  fresh hea
Donna di razza mista incinta meditando s
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