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The preparation for childbirth is of considerable importance for every woman because it allows her to dissolve doubts and uncertainties relating to labor, the birth of the baby and the puerperium.


I'm sure you will have a thousand questions to ask about childbirth, what to prepare, how to organize the house, how to start breastfeeding and much more.


This book will help you to face the last trimester of pregnancy in a peaceful way, to experience childbirth with awareness and to take care of your baby by believing in yourself.


190 PAGES 


Here are my goals for you:

  • You will have useful tips to prepare for the arrival of the baby, in particular in preparing your body, home and what you will need for the birth and for the hospital stay.
  • You will be aware of the function of the perineum in pregnancy, how to prepare it for childbirth and how to care for it after birth.
  • You will recognize the signs that anticipate childbirth.
  • I will tell you about the relaxation techniques that you can use in the moment of labor, and the pharmacological techniques for pain control such as epidural analgesia.
  • You will immerse yourself in the amazing birth event, understanding the dynamics that characterize it.
  • You will experience post partum well-being by taking care of yourself and understanding the signals that your body is sending you.
  • You will address important issues after childbirth such as the process to reveal the newborn at the registry office, sadness after childbirth and sexuality with the partner.
  • You will know how to feed your baby by latching him to the breast correctly, the properties of colostrum and the arrival of milk.
  • You will take care of your baby in a conscious way.

Mammamather preparation course for only 10.99. All information before childbirth

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