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Baby crib: the guide to choosing a safe crib, prices, colors, models

The choice of the newborn cradle must be made taking into account the safety of the baby's sleep.

Here for you mom the ultimate guide of Mammamather that helps you choose a reliable cradle. Summary

mom choosing the baby cot
baby' cot

Cot, what to watch out for

When a baby is about to be born, the preparations never end and the preparation of the bedroom is one of the most beautiful and fun moments for future parents.

The cradle is one of the first things to buy and it is not easy to decide among many cradles the right one.

Style counts but certainly comfort, practicality and safety have a greater weight.

Models of cribs

In general, there are two types ofcradles:

  • Standard cots;

  • Transformable cradles

Standard baby cribs have a lowerable side and sometimes even a container drawer at the bottom.

The transformable baby cots are intended to accompany the baby in the growth by readapting and stretching as the infant grows. From an extendable cradle you have: a cot, a bed for children and finally a single bed.

It is good to choose a cot that has both solid slats so as to withstand the baby's jumps, and a height-adjustable mattress so that it can be raised when the newborn is small and lowered when the baby becomes older hindering escape attempts.

Another aspect to take into account when choosing the baby cot are the wheels.

Some models areequipped with wheels making the cradles transportable from one room to another.

The cradle with wheels must be fitted with a fermo so as to prevent it from getting marriedor moving withthe jumps or movements of the baby.

The classic shape of the cradle is rectangular but on the market thereare also oval and rounded cradles and.

If you choose a round cot you should consider buying sheets and mattress covers of the same shape because the standard ones are not good.

Different speech is for the small cradles to be used for the very first months of the newborn that usually have an oval shape to offer the newborn a more intimate environment, in these cases the sheets adapt very well to the shape.

Cot prices

The cost of the cradle varies from the type of model and the material; generally, the more elaborate the cots are, the more they cost.

The choice of style anddecorations of the culletta are a personal factor, you may prefer a baby bed that matches the décor of the bedroom orppure aor in view of placing itor in the child'sbedroom as asofa when it will be older.

The cost of the cradle also depends onthe material, surely the wooden cradles have a higher cost, while for example the cradle that attaches to the bed or the wicker cots guarantee safety with a lower cost.

Online you will find cheap cots with prices for all budgets and always up-to-date offers.

Baby cots: essential requirements

When buying a cot you must always make sure that it complies with the European standard UNI EN 716-1: 2019 which in addition to certifying maximum reliability in the mechanisms that control the sliding sides requires that these are at least 60 cm high starting from the net and once lowered, reach the height of 20 cm starting from the mattress.

Bars should have a distance between them of not less than 6 cm and not more than 7.5 cm.

Always buy a baby cot with declaration and documents of compliance with current legislation.

Cradle, the guide to choose the right one

Here are the features that a cradle must have for a safe sleep of the newborn.

Baby cot side

Land culland for babies must have at least one bank thatlowers , so that itwillbe easier to pull up and put the baby to sleep.

The unlocking of the banks must be silent and close very well.

Check if you can lower and raise the bank with one hand.

Baby cot structure

The structure of the cradle must be sturdy.

The test could be to give a nice shake to test the solidity and this same operation must be repeated at home after the purchase and assembly.

Make sure that all parts, screws, supports and nuts hold up well and do not make noise.

The corner posts of the cribs must be flush, at the top with the closing panels.

Material of the newborn cradle.

The cot for a newborn can be:

  • In naturalwood;

  • In varnishedwood;

  • In bamboor;

  • Wicker;

  • In rattan.

The metalmaterials (bolts,screws, brackets) that make up the baby cots must be securely fixed and without sharp edges and areas that can pinch or injurethe baby.

The wood of the children's hedn must never have cracks or paint that comes off.

Model of baby cots

It is always good to opt for a model of cradle that does not create dangers,andlife the canopy cradles and rich in decorations so that the child does notrun the risk ofgetting stuck.

Always pay attention that the dimensions and measurements of the cot are up to standard and that it is ergonomic for the newborn.

Check that the cradle models:

  • Rocking

  • With wheels

  • Folding

  • Salvaspazio

Meet the safety requirements of the legislation.

Cot mattress

The cot mattress must be compact and durable.

Often mattresses for cribs are sold separately so even if you use a used bed it is always better to buy a new mattress.

The mattress must be the exact size of the cot and never smaller.

Standard cot mattresses for a cot of normal size must be rigid and measure at least 70 x130 with a thickness of no more than 15 cm.

Oval or round beds need a mattress designed to fit the specific shape of the crib.

Always make sure that the cot mattress adheres perfectly to the inside of the cot.

If a space greater than two fingers remains free, the mattress is not good.

Also pay attention to the support for the mattress with adjustable height.

The higher level will allow you to easily lift the newborn and as the baby grows you can lower the bottom of the cradle.

Cot cot with drawer

The drawers under the cot can be useful for storing sheets and linen of the newborn. Consider choosing a crib cabinet or a crib with drawers when space is small.

Transformable cradle

In the market there are cradles that offer the possibility of converting into a real cot.

If you decide to buy a cot carefully evaluate that the cot conversion kit is not sold separately because it can be very expensive.

Used cots

Choose the safe used.

A new cradle would be better, but thealternative ofasecond-hand cradle is fine as long as it meets certain requirements.

Avoid using antique beds or those over 15, 20 yearsold.

Old cradles, especially those manufactured before 1973 but also some models made between 1980 and 2000 do not meet current safety standards.

In fact, they may have bars that are too spaced, be painted with lead paints, have splinters or cracks in the wood or present other risks that you may not notice such as a deterioration of the corner pillars or an unsafe height.


Bumpers should never be used to ward off the risk of choking, entrapment or SIDS.

The best cribs of 2021 and opinions

Katie Cot Bed By Tutti Bambini

Tutti Bambini is synonymous with safety.

The Foppapedretti baby crib has a fixed side and a double height adjustable side that makes it easy to pick up the baby and tidy up the bed. The bed base has solid beech wood slats, like the whole structure of the cradle. Painted with non-toxic colors and tested by current European legislation. It is equipped with standard wheels which makes it a transportable cradle. Large space-saving drawer for storing everything. The price is also advantageous.

Chicco Next2Me Bedside Baby Crib

The very famous netx2me Chicco cradle is the best in its category. It is a cot that attaches to the double bed or to be placed next to the bed. The side edge of the cradle opens with one hand and allows the baby to sleep next to the mother but without the risk of SIDS or suffocation. It is fully compatible with most beds as it has eleven levels of adjustable height. Attaching the cradle to the bed is easy and safe. The cot mattress is included and is up to standard to safely support the baby's sleep. It has a removable and washable fabric cover which guarantees hygiene. Chicco's last gem is a rocking cradle, in fact parents can activate the rocking mode simply with their foot to cradle the newborn and make him fall asleep.

Convertible Mini Crib

The extendable crib follows the growth of the child by transforming into a bed. It has three height positions and built according to safety standards, painted with natural and non-toxic colors. The mattress is in certified foam rubber, covered in aloe vera, hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

Kinfderkraft baby cot

The kinderkraft cradle is beautiful, solid, and functional. The legs are made of solid wood and as well as being beautiful they guarantee stability. The crib is made of pine wood, as are the side bars which makes it totally non-toxic. The mattress is made of non-deformable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial foam. The bed base is adjustable on three levels. Truly an amazing crib.

Obaby Grace Mini Cot Bed

The cradle for babies is in solid wood equipped with two lowerable sides. The bed base is made of beech wood slats. The edges are rounded and painted with non-toxic paint A beautiful, practical and economical cradle.

Fillikid bedside cot

The Fillikid cradle is a real revolution, in fact, it combines the solidity of a beech wood cradle with the possibility of letting the baby sleep next to the bed but in a safe way. The cradle is made of natural wood, sturdy and massive and can withstand loads up to 20 kg. For good ventilation, the area under the mattress is provided with holes.

Wicker basket for newborn

Baby baskets are beautiful and romantic. It is a solid bassinet suitable for the first months. Many mothers think that buying this type of wicker basket for babies is not very convenient in reality it is not. Being sturdy and easily transportable, the baby basket can be used not only for the night but for daytime naps. The fact of being small is very comforting for the newborn who feels safe almost as if he were in contact with the uterine walls. The WALDIN cradle combines beauty with practicality, in fact, it is manufactured according to standards, with safety certification. There are no dangerous wooden components. Equipped with hood and mosquito net.

Maxi-Cosi Iora cradle

The Maxi-Cosi Iora sleeping baby cot is suitable for babies up to 9 kg in weight. It is placed next to the bed in total safety and ease. It has an adjustable height on five levels to adapt to the size of the parents' bed. It can be reclined forward which makes it very useful for infants suffering from regurgitation. The cradle is foldable to be easily transported or simply to be stored in a small space. Mattress included covered in hypoallergenic, breathable cotton compatible with all types of sheets. Large basket under the cot to have everything you need close at hand.

Well mom after this roundup of cradles you just have to choose the one you like best

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