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Dyspareunia. Why does it hurt when i have sex

Dyspareunia? Do you have pain during penetration and intercourse?

Painful sexual intercourse is called dyspareunia and is a cause of discomfort and stress for women.

Let's see the causes of pain during vaginal penetration and the remedies.

Why does it hurt when i have sex

For women, sexual activity is not always a satisfying experience because of the pain they can feel during penetration and intimacy. Penetration pain is called dyspareunia and occurs in both young women and postmenopausal women. It is estimated to affect 12-15% of women of childbearing age and 45% of menopausal women Pain during penetration is not always in the same place, in fact it can be:

  • Pain in the belly and stomach during penetration

  • Pain in the ovaries during penetration

  • Pain in the lower abdomen during intercourse

  • Burning and very strong pain in the side during intercourse

  • Pain during initial penetration

  • Pain during deep penetration

Dyspareunia. Why does it hurt when i have sex

Pain during intercourse: causes and remedies

There are various causes of pain during sexual intercourse and some of them may be associated. Pain during intimacy therefore requires a different approach and treatment in relation to the cause from which it originates. The motivation of dyspareunia can in fact be both physical and psychological in nature and in some cases with an association between the two causes. Generally, pain during penetration is caused by:

  • Infections of the internal and external genitals,

  • Stress

  • Vaginal dryness

  • Injuries and lacerations to the genitals

  • Spontaneous postpartum pain with episiotomy or vaginal lacerations

  • Pain after caesarean delivery

  • Problems and tensions in the couple

  • Vaginismus

  • Endometriosis

Pain during intercourse causes infections

Pain during intercourse can originate from infections affecting the female genitals. When there is an infectious or inflammatory process of the vagina there is an alteration of the bacterial flora resulting in less production of lubricating mucus which could cause painful sex. The major vaginal inflammations that can be uncomfortable during penetration are:

  • Candida albicans;

  • Trichomonas vaginalis;

  • Gardnerella vaginalis;

  • Herpes simplex;

  • Mycoplasma;

  • Papilloma virus.

Vaginal infections greatly affect pain during penetration and decrease female libido. Get regular gynecological checkups and pap smears to promptly detect infections that can harm both fertility and sexual pleasure. In cases of vaginal infections both partners must take the therapy to avoid the ping pong effect.

Painful intercourse causes stress

Painful sex could be triggered by reliving past episodes during sexual intercourse that have left a negative psychological mark. Having suffered violence, abuse and in extreme cases rape are the main causes of painful relationships. In the same way, living the relationship as if it were something dirty and sinful, perhaps due to restrictive cultural or religious heritage, can be a cause of pain in penetration. Last but not least, the lack of feeling with one's body does not allow for a happy sexual experience. In cases where there is a sexual block motivated by a psychological discomfort, it is necessary to investigate the root causes of the problem with a psychologist. The talks are used to shed light on the problem, often dormant, and to help women to live a serene and satisfying sexuality.

Painful penetration for vaginal dryness

The vaginal glands produce a lubricating substance that moistens its walls. During intimacy, arousal increases the production of mucus in order to favor a penetration without friction and without risk of abrasions or vaginal and vulvar lacerations. Penetration without lubrication causes irritation and burning. In cases of vaginal dryness, to avoid pain from penetration, it is good to use a lubricant to promote sliding and avoid painful intercourse. If there is no vulvar lubrication, a vicious circle is created: penetration with vaginal dryness causes micro abrasions that will make subsequent intercourse annoying even if the vaginal walls are moistened. Vaginal dryness is normally present in menopausal women but can also be present in women of childbearing age due to hormonal changes, infections or psychological factors.

Painful sex for coitus injuries

Sex that is particularly impetuous and without the right lubrication of the vaginal walls can cause micro-lesions and internal abrasions. Internal lesions can be of various kinds and are not always bleeding so it may be difficult to notice. Minor trauma and swelling of the vaginal walls can cause intense pain during intercourse. If during the penetration you feel pain and intense burning it is always good to contact a specialist in a short time.

Painful penetration after childbirth with episiotomy

Although the episiotomy is well healed, the trauma suffered from the pelvic floor and the lack of elasticity can generate pain during intercourse. If the pain occurs in the months following delivery and the suture heals regularly, feeling discomfort is normal. If, on the other hand, the pain persists long after the birth, a more accurate assessment and therefore a targeted therapy must be performed.

Painful sex due to medication

Some drugs have very strong repercussions on female libido because they interfere with hormone production. Birth control pills, prolonged therapies with analgesics and antibiotics, but also antidepressants have strong repercussions on the life of the couple. The lack of arousal does not allow a good vulvar lubrication so the penetration could be very painful especially if deep. In cases of painful sex caused by drug therapies, greater stimulation of the female erogenous zones is required to increase pleasure. You can increase the time of foreplay and practice clitoral stimulation before proceeding with the penetration. In these cases it is always good to use a good vaginal lubricant.

Dyspareunia for cystitis

The bladder due to its proximity and continuity with the vaginal walls if affected by bacterial infections can generate burning in the genitals. Cystitis causes a constant urge to urinate which increases the sense of discomfort and causes loss of desire. Never neglect a cystitis even if it has mild symptoms, rather perform a urine antibiogram to evaluate the bacterium that causes the bladder infection so that you can intervene with targeted therapy.

Pain during penetration due to couple problems

Female pleasure has both a physical and a more mental component. Women have sex with both body and mind! A difficult relationship opposed by problems and misunderstandings interferes with sexual desire. In cases of difficult sex with your partner, if the problem is transitory it should not have repercussions but if you really can't have a satisfying sex life, don't hesitate to discuss the matter with your partner or a couple therapist.

Penetration pain for vaginismus

Vaginismus is a real disease caused by involuntary contractions of the perivaginal muscles that make penetration difficult. In the past, women with vaginismus were labeled as frigid suffering from an actual disease instead. In cases of vaginismus dyspareunia, an anatomical evaluation of the genitals is necessary in order to assess whether the reproductive system does not present any alterations that hinder complete intercourse. If on a physical level everything is normal, vaginismus treated with the rehabilitation of the perineal muscles with the aim of relaxing them. Noma re-education requires the intervention of a sexologist or a psychologist who specializes in sexual problems.

Painful intercourse for endometriosis

Endometriosis is a very complex female pathology that has repercussions not only on fertility but also on the approach to couple sexuality. The symptomatology of endometriosis dyspareunia is pain related to the process of action of endometriosis. Many women notice endometriosis as well as the classic symptom of menstrual pain, precisely because of the pain during penetration. The severity of endometriosis must be ascertained by specialist and instrumental investigations and only afterwards can action be taken to restore a happy sexual life. Dear, I hope this guide has been of help to you, if you have any doubts or uncertainties you can write them in the comments, I will be happy to answer you. Remember to always stay up to date by subscribing to the newsletter you find below. If, on the other hand, you want to buy the products for your baby and your health recommended by Mammamather, all you have to do is click on the button.

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